Learning About Seasons

Children learn about the world around them. We try to show our preschoolers that there are four specific seasons by reading stories, pointing out the change in the tree’s and even talking about the different holiday’s throughout the year. This week we talked about summer, autumn, winter, spring and seasonal clothing. We also focused on the letter Nn, the color orange, and the rectangle for our shape.

Creative Art – Fall Leaves

What colors do you see in the photo? Which colors will we use in our art? These questions are prompts that we ask the kids during our activity, they make me giggle with some of the reasons they choose. Their innocence and love for things around them make all of our activities fun! The kids choose red and orange for their paint color. We stamped our leaves on the paper and then laminated for a fall placemat to take home. We worked on visual arts and fine motor skills with this activity!


We were given supplies to make a flower puppet but our kids decided they would like to make pictures instead. We invited them to decorate their paper as they likes. I love the colors and creative choices they made! During this activity they enjoyed talking about what they were going to create, working with fine motor skills, and making pictures of what they thought spring looked like, I love these masterpieces!


Small group literacy activities help with writing, and encouraging children to read. We read the book together the best we can, we also talk about what picture is in the book on each page. We talk about the colors and pictures and how they make us feel! They love these books and feel a sense of being independent when they are looking through them.


Creative Art – Snowstorm

Although we don’t get snow where we are we have alot of fun talking about it and making pictures that look like we have went through a snow storm. We imagined that it was snow that we were painting with and how cold it would be. As you can see Cienna is fully engaged in this activity and so very proud of her finished product.



We enjoyed making our cherry tree’s we talked about the different parts of the tree and how they are necessary for the tree to flourish. Each child either tore or cut their tissue paper into a tree shape then glued the tissue paper and the stick down, and finished by adding red cherries.

We enjoyed talking about the different seasons and noticed how each season is so different! We have an amazing week full of fun and suprises.

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