Wonder About Weather

Sun, wind, clouds, snow and rain! We love learning about weather! This week we were able to observe the weather around us which stays pretty mild, and hot. We took some time to look up in the sky to observe the clouds and felt the slight breeze in the morning. One of our favorite things to do that we are looking forward to is using our bubble machine on a windy day! This week we learned about Letter Cc with the Experience Preschool curriculum and focused on our phonic words cat, and cloud. Some basic concepts we were working on this week were the color orange and rectangles for our shape.

When we see the moon, we can’t see the sun. Where do you think the sun goes? We invited the children to decorate one side of the plate as the sun and the other as the moon. They were fascinated to find out they rotate the earth.


We set out the shape links for the kids to explore, they really enjoyed matching the shapes to our sheet! Some of my littles attached the shapes to make a necklace. And almost all of them did a great job at choosing the link that matched the picture on the dice.

We really enjoyed using our fine motor skills to make our sculpture. I set out our supplies and let the kids design their own rainbow. I love how different they all are.

What a mess and a bunch of fun! We used glitter, sequins, and hot air! They loved to watch the glitter get blown onto the paper from the air that they were blowing.


I set out paint, shaving cream and droppers, our droppers would not work for this activity so we gave them cotton balls. I added glitter to the paint and off they went. We were suprised when the paint turned pink on the blue cardstock. We talked about how clouds for and and what shapes clouds can be in .


We placed our rainbow mat on the floor and went around the circle to see what color of bear we were going to put on the rainbow. We then counted how many bears ended up on the mat. Most independantly sorted. This activity set the kids up for success!


We enjoyed exploring the Theme Poster with the I Spy Glasses. While we were exploring we asked questions of what types of pictures they could see. What could they name and what color items were in the picture.

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