Building a Child’s Confidence

Helping children learn how to do things for themselves help’s them to gain confidence in themselves. This week we will be helping them to use gross and fine motor activities, writing, listening, number sense and so much more while providing encouragement. This will help your child develop a positive self-image. We worked on building social relationships this week with team activities, we also worked on attention and persistence both are social emotional activities and will help them to grow!

In our activity below they had to wait while their friend chose a shape or button to put in the matching square. We then counted as a team how many where in each square. We love our games from our Experience Early Learning Curriculum they are engaging and easy!


When we learn about our letter of the week we will search and find other items that start with that letter as a way to build on literacy.


We read this book and enjoyed counting the hats and the monkeys in this book. What a fun engaging way to read and remember what happened in the story. They even remembered some of it a few days later. Our Experience Early Learning Curriculum book are the best books we have had. They are full of color and the stories are great.


What time of shoe do you wear? How do you tie your show? We invited the kids to decorated their shoe and then practice trying to tie it. we love these Make and Play activities.


I love the originality that each kid has. No two are ever the same. We discussed that each person is unique and so are our clothes. We talked about if they picked their own clothes out for the day or if mom or dad.


Instead of rolling our dice we had each child take a turn to pick a card, we them worked together to find that item and put a marker on it! They all received a prize for their bingo’s and filling the card.


Painting with dots is called pointillism. As Lucy and Paisley painted they tried to count the amount of dots it took to fill their paper. They were so proud of their art! I gave them an opportunity to paint what they would like but they wanted their art to look like the example.

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