This week we learned alot about our senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Kids enjoy discovering new things around them and Experience Early Learning Curriculum gives us the opportunity to put together weekly activities that help kids flourish. This week we investigated the world around us through our senses and realized how much we rely on them every day. Our vocabulary words this week are ear, eye, finger, flower, mouth, nose, toe. Letter of the week is Letter A.


In our Creative Art flower designs we used our fine motor skills to color and attach our popsicle stick. We invited them to cut slits to look like flower petals and then went outside to plant them in the ground. I love the excitement that they show in the activities and the questions. Questions of the day was ” What plants do you know that smell?”. They answered all plants so we walked around our neighborhood to smell plants and discovered not all plants or flowers smell and some of them smell bad.


Table Top Literacy – we love these pages and look forward to coloring them and talking about our letter of the week. We talked about all of the things that could start with letter A.


Creative Art – Bowl Instrument, We decorated our bowls and then stretched rubber bands over the bowl to make and instrument. We then played songs and strummed to listen to the sound they were making. We talked about all the instruments that could make a sound and that had strings. As you could tell they were focused on the sounds around them.


Sand designs helped us to learn about touch – we rubbed our hand across the paper when there was no glue or sand and then applied glue and allowed the kids to pour different colors of sand on their paper. When it had dried we showed the kids the difference of how the paper felt. They enjoyed this activity!

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