All About Me

This week we are focusing on how we are unique. We talked about how people are alike and what makes them different, also about likes and dislikes. And that it is ok for us to be different.

Our first lesson of the week started with a Community Challenge where in circle time we worked together to build or share something this helps them build a sense of belonging, we also make a self-portrait focusing on self-awareness. I really enjoy when we are able work together on projects.

Literacy lesson for the day. Table Top Name Pockets where they match the letters on the popsicle stick to their name. We did this with their name and numbers. This was a hit for all of them! We observed to see if our kids could recognize the letters of their own names, and what other letters they could recognize.

We also learned about our body system what is inside. We talked about how our skin protects our inside organs. The kids had a chance to match up the organs to where they belonged on the skeleton. Miss Brooke even showed where her veins were in her hand and explained how blood moved through her veins. They sat completely still and were very intrigued with putting the organs in the body.

Our creative art activity for lesson three was alot of fun we discussed what they noticed about the x-ray photo? And how they could feel bones under their own skin. Some of my littles didn’t like the thought you could feel your own bones and said they didn’t have nay in their body.



What do we see in the mirror? What do we notice about ourselves? We talked about how we can communicate with each other without words. This is a fun lesson where they are able to mimic you by copying your expression it brings about alot of giggles because they think we are silly. We also took a look into the mirror to see what shape our face, ears, eyes, mouth and nose was!


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