Teaching Children During Times of Crisis

The first thing we need to realize is that they are children but can sense the world’s stress around us and the fear and uncertainty we feel. Kids often overhear a conversation and don’t understand all that is being said or take information they hear literally. We need to not be afraid to talk about whats going on in terms they can understand. We do however need to be calm, honest, available and reassuring when talking to young kids.

We keep things light and let them know that everything will be ok that we need to take precautions with washing our hands , not touching our face and taking our temperatures often to monitor and that we will be ok. We have these conversations normally around a meal time where we are all sitting down. I ask them how they are feeling and they open up. One of the things they are most concerned about is where have their friends gone and are they coming back.

What helps us is we try to keep our kids on a routine with a flexible schedule like before, so that not much has changed. The hard thing is that we have lost alot of our kids. They are home with their parents. We stay involved with the kids that are home by holding a live story time each Tuesday and on Thursday science. This has helped my littles that are still attending and the ones at home because I am able to see they are on and mention their name, and the kids get to say hi as well.

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