Backyard Bugs

This week we learned about the ladybug, spider, grasshopper, ant and bee. We had a great week learning about each bug, what they eat, and where they live. As kids learn more about bugs, they begin to appreciate them. We had an amazing week.

We enjoyed making our ladybug hats and playing out in the yard. We looked around and even found a few ladybugs!! The kids were so excited.

Ladybugs are a type of beetle. We enjoyed making our hats and playing in the backyard as ladybugs. A few interesting facts we learned were that ladybugs are most often red or yellow with black dots, nearly every color of the rainbow is found in some species of ladybug, often in contrasting pairs. The most common are red and black or yellow and black, but some are as plain as black and white, others as exotic as dark blue and orange.

Also if you startle an adult ladybug and a foul-smelling hemolymph will seep from its leg joints, leaving yellow stains on the surface below. 


We enjoyed making our own Anthill. We were happy that the ants were not real on our hill. The kids were not convinced that black ants don’t bite!

All ant hills are interlaced with many chambers which are connected by tunnels. These small rooms are used for nurseries, storing food, and even as resting places for the worker ants . During the day, the worker ants move the larvae up to the rooms nearer the top of the anthill, to keep them warmer.

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