Nursery Rhymes Are So Fun!

We had such a fun month learning about all the nursery rhymes, First we started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star we enjoyed singing, acting out and using the props that we made with our curriculum. Experience Early Learning Curriculum provides all the necessary items we need!

Rhyming is an important pre-reading skill that provides steps to learning the sounds that make up words. This month we practiced each day a different rhyme, they enjoy this because they are easy to learn and fun to do.  The ability to rhyme occurs in three unique stages. Use books, games, and engaging activities to promote rhyming ability. The kids have really worked hard and are mastering the ability to rhyme which is so impressive even the little ones are picking it up.



We enjoyed singing this rhyme while we were pretending to bake hot cross buns. They loved it! I mixed shaving creme and white paint, I then put it in the bags provided then we frosted. Their faces are priceless. My younger ones were convinced we could eat it because it looked so realistic.

What I found is that singing the nursery rhymes boosts the confidence of young children. And that they engage the kids and make them want to listen.


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