Some Of Our Favorite Nursery Rhymes

According to decades of research on learning, teaching your child to rhyme is anything but a waste of time.  Similarly, rhymes can teach children critical verbal skills, such as repetition and rhythm, that facilitate language development.

Nursery Rhymes help with improving memory and cognitive development, literacy, and it also encourages social and emotional development.  Plus they are so much fun to do.  Kids catch on really quick when it’s fun to them.


Experience preschool curriculum gives us a great start on how to organize our week.  We are given 7 different subjects or activities per day to enhance their learning experience.  One of my favorite areas of learning is Steam Station activities.  They set up our environment to encourage children to test out new ideas through free play.


The kids got a kick out of this project while they pretended to eat their pie with a bird feather in it!  Any time we use an item that could possibly be something that is used in real life they love it.



We spent a while during circle time reading our books and then pointing out our key word.

Experience Preschool gives us great creative corner I Spy pages.  This is new to the curriculum this year and they are such a hit.  We discuss what sound does the letter makes.  Then we color the letter picture.



The three girls enjoyed playing with their wool bags. We stood up at circle time in groups reciting the rhyme and watching our friends do the same.

Several times throughout the day we will recite our rhymes,  its a great way to work as a group and build stronger social skills.


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