Ways To Make Children Fly

Learning is a life long activity and should be fun! Working with Experience Early Learning Curriculum makes it easier.  Part of making it fun is having the parent interested and active with the process.  Genuinely be excited to see what they bring home.  Ask about their day and what was their favorite thing they learned.

Teachers and parents are also responsible for helping children become more confident by acknowledging what they can do. This helps them become self-aware and builds their confidence.  Then they will trust themselves to try new things!

Working with this great preschool curriculum children have the opportunity to participate in activities such as Steam Stations. Giving them activities that encourage them to test out their new ideas through free play.   This week we used blocks and measured how tall each animal was.  Played Mamma and Baby Bingo, and Matched Mom and Baby Memory Game!

Mamma and Baby Animal Bingo!

Create a learning environment that is flexible and stimulates kid’s minds!


Growing Animals Matching Game

This game is so much fun and all ages can play together.


Cub To Lion



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