Math, Colors, Letters, and Reading

In all areas of learning children become engaged in play the most.  Young children explore patterns and shapes, compare sizes and count things.  Often kids need to be given opportunities to see math through a different lens and gather ideas for blending math instructions into routines and activities that are fun and engaging.

Experience Early Learning helps foster these areas of learning.  When we are doing activities the kid’s eyes light up with excitement.  Our math activities work on areas such as patterns, sorting, number concepts, and sometimes gross motor activities.

You can see here where Sutton is working out how many blocks and what color to put on her paper.

Literacy with Experience Preschool helps with emergent writing, fine motor, identifying letters and words, and making letter sounds.

Language and Literacy help children comprehend spoken language, follow verbal direction, identifies letters and sounds, and helps with phonetic awareness.



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