Make Learning Fun!

Keep it simple kids do not need complex activities.  They enjoy it when they can do projects that are hands-on.  In this activity below we are measuring how many snowflakes tall they are.  This activity helps teach them patience while they wait for their turn, counting for each child and teamwork.  Often times my kids don’t even realize they are learning.  We also take our learning outside that’s when the learning comes alive. I believe its important to be able to take your curriculum and the kids to different environments to learn. img_9288

In my curriculum Experience Early Learning it gives you at least 4 different activities you can do with your kids each day.  They have circle time activities, creative corner activities that focus on gross motor and fine motor skills, small group literacy which I enjoy because it builds their skill for reading and tabletop math.  All of these are great ways to help our kids build the knowledge they need to be ready for school.


BUILDING OUR MATH SKILLS WITH PINE-CONE MATH (Who can make the pine cone stick on the tree)



These activities are a great way to encourage children to test out new ideas through free-play.  We do many STEAM STATION activities a week.  You can almost see her think.


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