Winter Animals


Hedgehogs are known for their thick and spiny coats. There are about 5,000 species of hedgehogs.  With our  Experience Early Learning lessons, we learn so much about our world around us and allows us to explore.

The kids always enjoy learning about animals and their habitats.  “We have never seen hedgehogs in real life”, they said.  It was fun learning what they do to protect themselves, what they eat, and where they live.  With this month’s preschool curriculum the invitation to create was to make a hedgehog. We cut the plate in half to resemble the body of our hedgehog, we then used balls to dab paint on and then glued our strips to resemble their spiny coats.



Bear Den’s

We absolutely loved making our bear dens, while we were painting we talked about the different types of bears there were and if anyone had actually seen a bear.   We collected leaves and glued them on the den to hide it from humans, so that when they are hibernating they cant be seen.



Pine Tree Life Cycle

A pine tree’s seeds are not inside a fruit, like an apple but out in the air attached to a pinecone. When the pollen from a male pine cone floats on the wind and reaches a female pinecone, it fertilizes cone so seeds can grow, When the seeds are ready the pine will drop the cone to the forest floor.






As you can see the girls were so very proud of their trees!



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