Winter In The Woods

This week has been full of exploration and learning about new things.  We all see trees but never inspect up close.  Kids have a knack to see the smallest things and normally have several questions to follow.  This week was no different.  Sam and Trev here found different things along our walk and as you can see they are very curious about what it is that they found.  We were on our walk around the block and noticed all types of leaves, seed, pinecones and what they call pokey balls.  We collected all of them and took them back to school to inspect.

We pulled our pine tree branches out and Randy said ” I will give them a nice hair cut”, what we noticed is that when the kids cut the needles the pine sent became more fragrant.  they loved this activity and loved seeing it so close.

One of my favorites of the week was our story,  each time I read to them our books from experience preschool curriculum they are content and completely connected to the story. Even my two years old which says a lot!


We talked about the different types of animals that live in the wood and one of the first ones we talked about was the owl. Fun fact we learned was they can turn their head in a 360-degree turn, and they are awake at night.   We also talked about the sounds they make and what they eat.  Animals have a way of getting the kids excited about what they are learning.



Early Literacy Activities with Experience Early Learning are simple to use and well thought out.  Most of mine are able to work on and do independently.  They like that because they feel like they are in a big school.  I like that I am able to give them so many fun learning experiences with little stress.  They don’t even realize they are learning they are just having fun.



I explained that the books help us to learn how to write and recognize letters,  they have improved so much this year with their writing skills ad ability to focus.  I am so proud of them and how well they are doing.

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