Literacy With Little One’s

Many educators will say the ability to read and write is tied to everything we do the way we connect with people around us also has a lot to do with early literacy.

I started reading aloud to my kids as soon as they could sit for a few minutes.  it has helped to expand their vocabulary and recognizes written words.  My oldest even read when he was 4.

There are many ways that expose my preschoolers to literacy with Experience Early Learning curriculum, they provide amazing books full of color and exiting stories,  core concepts learning our letter of the week by shapes and our letter book. And our I Can Read Book.  So many ways to experience preschool in a fun way.  My kids don’t even realize they are learning.  Our books we keep close and they often pick up and look through them. 

There are several ways to help kids with learning literacy.

  •  Limit television and computer time in favor of reading time.
  • Lead by example. A child will value reading when they see their role models reading.
  • Read to a child. This teaches them that reading is important and it can open the lines of communication on many topics.
  • Join your local library. Find library books about current interests in the child’s life and then read them together.



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