Take Time To Play With Your Littles


Learning about Community Helpers that work down town.  We empathized this week how people are different and thats ok.  We also talked alot about the different jobs that their parents hold and the jobs that adults have.  We really invested alot of time into the banker and chef activity this week and the props we made will continue to be a part of our dramatic play unit.  I pretended to be the customer and all of my cooks were eager to help take my order.  We created props and other materials to help them create a scene to explore.  For this activity we used the our make and take project the Chef’s Hat, Small Group Literacy activity for May I Take Your Order.  I copied more of the printable’s so they were all stocked up and then pullet the creative corner project My Wallet so that we had money to use.

A complete success and alot of fun!




So much fun that when I walked away one of my kiddos started talking about how he could now cut hair…YIKES.  Of course we talked about that not being a good idea.  This activity worked on fine motor skills.


My preschoolers love any activity that makes them thing they are doing a real job.  You can see the level of concentration on their face and smiles as they are mailing their postcards.



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