Community Helpers – Health and Safety

Learning about people in our community ! Wow what an amazing way to teach children to respect authority and learn about the people who serve us.  This unit is so fun for the kids each day they are learning so much.  One of them said look we can be like the real police officers.  They were very proud to put these hats on!  Teaching kids to help those who help us goes a long way in helping them build a bond of respect they will need in the future.





We these games Kayden liked it so much he wanted me to time him how long it would take to find the match.



Mother Goose has some of the best math manipulative’s I have ever seen.  The kids literally will clap when I bring them out.  Here we are counting how many engines can fit in the firehouse.  They all know their numbers by sight now! Super Impressive.


Matching our community helper with their car was super cool the picture were life like.  This activity is part of the Toddler Curriculum that we were sent.  But I made copies and all my kids enjoyed it.

Recognizing our letter Dd and painting with our Dentist tooth brush was a kick.  They just stared at my when I asked.  If I were a Dentist what would I paint with?


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