Experience Early Learning!!!!

To experience something means gaining knowledge by actually doing or living through something. What a perfect explanation of the curriculum I use. Mother Goose Time an Early Learning Curriculum.  Working with our preschoolers we are learning and growing with this program ourselves.  We are teaching our littles how daily experiences integrate research-based skills through playful, hands on projects.


At first I open my book for the week to see what our learning objectives are.  The entire week is outlined for me.  We can choose which activities we will be doing or participate in all each day.  Daily learning lessons consist of  Community Challenge, Language/Literacy, Math and Reasoning, Creative Arts, Steam Stations, Story time plus Music and Movement.

Some of our favorite activities are Steam Stations these help encourage child to test out what they think might work through play.  Completely stress free and encourages them to open up and try new things.

I tend to always complete our Creative Corner activities and Small Group Math for me those activities are easier for the an age of kids I have it just makes it easier.

One of the most helpful things for me is in each section it gives you prompts (questions) that I can ask that helps stimulate learning.

I also appreciate all of the fine motor activities that are provided, fine motor skills are so important for the kids to learn how to write.





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