At The Farm

Why do we choose themes?  When you connect your literature themes to character development and what’s going on in students’ lives, your discussions will hopefully resonate deeply with them. One goal with teaching themes is to encourage students “not only to think about ways that they can live, but the type of person they want to become.”

Themes help my kids to stay excited about what we are learning.  Monthly themes invite children to explore new ideas with an interdisciplinary, multi-sensory approach. This months theme is At The Farm.

At The Farm

Where is our chick?  I hid the eggs around the park and they had to go find their baby chick and care for it while we were there.  They had so much fun, you can see how happy they are.


Mother Goose Early learning program  focuses on “learning through play” by providing a hands-on, interactive atmosphere where children learn about themselves through playing with other children. This program is flexible and a wonderful way to teach children about the world around them.

We can grow carrots on the farm, they are yummy and healthy for us to eat!

FINE MOTOR /CUTTING THE WHEAT – anytime the kids can put a scissor in their hands its a plus.  Mother Goose preschool curriculum is so well rounded in what they provide.  Each activity is researched in what benefits each age group.



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