At The Barn


Choosing the best early learning curriculum for your preschooler /preschoolers is hard.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices out there.  You will need to break it down to see how it fits your program.

You need to make sure the activities are developmentally appropriate, research based and aligned with state standards.

I prefer a curriculum that is real hands on and flexible for all levels of learning.  I also believe we can learn not only at a table, we learn from our environment and hands on experience. STEAM Stations are my favorite!

The education of your children and others is the most important role as a parent/teacher, and that means taking the time to evaluate and learn about the various approaches to learning.  I would choose Mother Goose for my preschool curriculum every time.  It offers me a flexible but consistent amount of activities and I am able to tweak for the varied ages of children that I teach.  This month we are learning about The Farm, and this week we focused on what is In The Barn!



We tried pouring beens into our silo to see how they sounded when they would pour.  They loved this activity, you could see them scooping and pouring them out. We added pigs just for fun and then started counting how many could fit in the silo tube.

This video doesn’t exist


We encouraged the children to color each farm animal then cut them out.  We then took turns turning the wheel and flipping over the animal cards to make a match.


I SPY – Letter Ll

Letter / Word recognition, phonological awareness, self direction.  This is an amazing activity. We practice watching what our mouth and tongue do when we make the sound.








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