Down On The Farm

Something we are proud of here at Take Care Daycare and Preschool is engaging kids minds and hands.  This involves more than just Hands-on projects.  Their minds need to be actively engaged as much as their hands they should be questioning, sorting through sensory input, and making connections.

We enjoy STEAM Stations, and sensory type activities. This is helpful in engaging them.  Mother Goose Curriculum gives us activities that are research based to benefit kids.  They provide ideas on how to engage and ideas on STEAM Stations.  Then we take what we have from them and expand in our program how we would like.  Before I used this curriculum I did alot of these type of activities already.  But I absolutely love this curriculum and the theme based activities they provide.  Both programs work hand in hand !

Which creates an amazing learning environment for my kids.

Mother Goose Books are #1



These little piggies learned that PIGS like to eat slop, roll around in mud!


Jovie with our Barn name books!  Love how they can write but on something fun from our theme.

This video doesn’t exist


Loose Letter Parts – Best addition to our curriculum

Even our older after school kids like to put them together,  they will have me time how long it takes them.


I would have to say sensory activities and being outside is our favorite. Look how they are super focused on the cow udder and how it works!


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