Teaching Kids Responsibility

Teaching kids about being responsible and caring for their pets is important for not only the pet, but for the family. Kids enjoy having responsibility it makes them feel important.

It is important to give children goals that we know they can achieve.  If you already have a family pet, you can start with something easy like filling the water bowl or giving them a pre-measured scoop so they can fill the food bowl.

Having pets is a great way to make children not only more responsible, but also empathetic to the needs of others. By nature, children are focused mostly, if not exclusively, on their own needs, so having to take the time to care for a pet will have a great influence on their personality, as well as teach them to focus on others’ needs too.  This also will help then build independance


We discovered its easier for us to take a walk rather than taking a cat on a walk.  We walked around the block practicing our cat meows and quiet hunting skills.





We loved playing bingo and talking about the different animals that were on the card.



Of course we all have had fish at one point in our life.  And for some of my littles will be the only type of pet they will get to have.  They enjoyed talking about how the fish breathes under water.




All birds are amazing but our kids loved this colorful activity.  All of or kids had the same supplies but no one bird was the same.  Amazing  color and designs.



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