My Feeling’s

Here at preschool we love to talk about our feelings and make tons of faces.  I would randomly say make a sad face, or happy and they would show me their face. Then proceed to to crack up.   Sometimes for kids feelings are hard to manage or understand so they act out in different ways when they are having trouble navigating them.  It is our responsibility to be sensitive to the fact of how our preschoolers are feeling and how we can help them to express them properly.

We had a great time playing the Happy-Sad Faces game with the kids.  They loved pointing out if it landed on happy or sad and what color it was.
At the end of the game we counted to see who won!



What scares you at night? Sometimes shadows scare us.  We talked about how a shadow is made.  We then invited the kids to help put their shapes on the straws and makes shadows.  Other kids from the park joined in,  they are not pictured though.




We set out playdough, pasta , wiggle eyes, and pipe cleaners.  They enjoyed making faces. Even one of our little ones said this is my feelings.

This video doesn’t exist

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In my program I try to create a inclusive program where children can at their own pace with acceptance and love.  I want the kids to become their best self.


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