Flexible Curriculum

I decided in my post this week I would show in pictures how Mother Goose Curriculum is flexible.  Its easy to take anywhere,  I take to the park, Hide and Seek, my back yard or my preschool room.  I think changing environments is very helpful in keeping the kids engaged.  Depending on what the make and take project is for the day we will add it to our adventure like below with our canteens.

Having a flexible curriculum allows students to explore their class and activity more freely without feeling restricted.  Mother Goose gives kids the opportunity to complete at their own pace and finish the activity the way they see fit.

A classroom is in constant motion in my case we have several disruptions, sometimes tears, a bathroom break, etc.  Flexible teaching and having a flexible curriculum helps , allowing lessons to have a much looser structure, letting discussions and thoughts play out and following them to see where they go.

I believe this curriculum makes it easy to help put my students first! It helps me to stay on track with a theme and tie it all in together.  While giving the kids a fun learning experience.



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