Steam Stations Why Are They Important?

Steam Stations are important for a better learning experience,  it allows them to grow and develop these essential skills at a much faster rate. This means, as well as learning about the facts on the subject they are learning about, they are also taught to openly ask questions, how to experiment with new ideas and how to channel their creativity into something productive.

There are several ways that we focus on a Steam Stations the week we talked about the Physics Lab we worked on Blocks (slow or fast)  which helped with scientific reasoning and logic.  Questions I asked were,  What kinds of things roll? How can you build a structure or a ramp, and what happens when you raise or lower the ramp?

Below are some of the Steam Stations I have set up over the year.


I set up my environment to encourage children to test new ideas through freeplay.  I enjoy setting up Steam Stations because the kids enjoy the hands on learning and never stop smiling.


In this constantly-changing world, the importance of creativity in the workforce is getting more and more attention. That’s why art programs are essential in the STEAM learning process, especially with preschoolers and kindergartners.



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