Science With Kids!


Science, directly and indirectly, influences all aspects of everyday life. From the food we eat to the way we get around, science is everywhere. Once you begin to see all the opportunities to learn, the relationship between science and critical-thinking skills become apparent.

Beginning when children are very young, science helps shape their development. As they learn to ask questions, make predictions, observe, test, and then communicate their findings, they are developing critical science skills.

Science is important for children  they are already primed for learning. Children are also  hands on learners.  Learning through play is a perfect opportunity for these  tactile learners to experiment with simple scientific processes such as cause-and-effect.   I have over the years learned more when I am able to use and experiment myself.

Firework Painting –  Chemical Reactions

Favorite activity of the week.  They loved watching the paint soak into the salt.


My two little ones were discussing what type of scientist they were going to be. I am starting to add more and more to my Mother Goose wall to make it more interactive.


Any time we can mix different substances together and they get to be hands on is sure to be a hit!

Painting with ice was a big hit! Messy but very fun.



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