Art In Italy

Our first week we have learned about Self – Portraits (Painting of ourselves), Portraits (Painting of a person), Printmaking (A Form of Art that Prints Pictures on Paper, Fresco & Mural (A painting done on a wet plaster wall, & Architecture (Buildings and Structures Designed and Planned by Architects).

Self Portraits

This is such a fun way to see how the kids view themselves!!  We first took a look into a mirror while I asked What facial features do you see on the photo?  We took a few minutes looking into the mirror to see what facial features they had and had them point to them,  then finally they drew their own portrait.


Mix and Match Portrait

Many years ago, artist painting the body of a portrait first.  We encouraged the children to color the pages and create their own books how they would like.  The kids used their fingers to grasp the writing utensils and use control when using them.

We worked on Fine Motor and Self Concept in this lesson.

Portrait Puzzles

We set out all four portrait puzzles on the floor, taking a look at what was different about the faces.  We noticed in all the puzzles no one was smiling.    We then mixed all the puzzles up and each child put one together.

Print Making

One of our favorites this week! We took one day to make the stamps and then the next day we painted.  The kids did very good at sharing and communicating with each other while working together to print their papers.




Mixing colors is always a fun and engaging lesson,  we read the book MIX to help us discover the magic of mixing colors.


The Collosseum

We spent most of the morning working on our construction of their version of the Collosseum.  They had alot of fun planing and building !


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