Art In France

Some might think that when kids learn about art they are JUST painting, but they are learning so much more. They are learning about famous artist, different interesting art techniques and different works of art so that they may become inspired.   When we are creating the kids say wow I did a really good job!  Or I’m an Artist.  I love that because it shows that they are confident with what they did and that it made them happy when they were creating.


The Water Lily Pond

We set out our inspirational photo and the kids went to work,  they decided what might be under the bridge or on it.  Instead of using the green paper we used watercolors and I love how they turned out.  We tore our tissue paper and they crumpled them to look like flowers.  I thing they turned out great.



Monet’s Flowers


Questions I asked when painting this project.  What colors and shapes do you see on Monet’s painting?  How will you create flowers on your paper? Could you use the pokey ball to paint?


My Sunday In The Park – We discussed where we see dots in the room,  them gave each child a book and invited them to use the cotton swab to paint the inside of each image with dots.  I explained in the real pictures they pointed them only with dots.


Modern Shape Art

Circle Spirals work on visual arts and fine motor skills.  We used markers and paint to paint the entire plate.  We then put a whole in the top and hung them in a tree.  Some of my littles giggled with joy when they started spinning in the tree.

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