Experience Animals – Letter K thru R!


L is for Llama

Community Challenge Activity:

Move Like A Llama – Do this activity together!

*What kinds of animals have four legs?  How do they move? Invite a child to name a 4-legged animal and demonstrate how it moves.

Miller enjoyed putting the hair on the llama!


M is for Moose

Creative Corner activities help with fine motor and spatial awareness.

Discuss:  What do you think it would feel like to walk around with antlers on your head?  We then made and played with our Moose Headbands.



Letter N for Newt

This was not an activity that Mother Goose provided.  But my children have to do an animal a day!! They will have it no other way.

Letter O for Otter

Our creative corner activity today we learned about earth science and visual arts.

Questions for this activity were:  What do you notice about the otter?  What tool looks lie the shape of an otter? How could you use that tool?



Letter P for Polar Bear

I asked the question what would you do if you saw a polar bear paw print outside?  They of course said I would go back inside!!


Table Top Math – Moose Antler Game

Invite a child to toss the cube then count out that amount of “antlers” (sticks).  Arrange sticks on the moose to look like antlers.


Letter R for Rattlesnake

Silly Snake Flip Book works on concepts of print, self concept and emergent writing.



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