A Trip Through The Zoo With Our ABC’s

I believe children learn and thrive in a fun environment and creating an animal a day is a great way for them to learn.

Why is it important for our children to learn the alphabet?  The alphabet is simply a collection of letters and sounds. Most of us cannot even remember a time when we did not know our letters so it sounds almost absurd to worry about how to teach it to our children. Yet, the ABCs are the building blocks of language. In order to become literate, our children must be able to recognize each letter, both in order and out of order, as well as the sounds connected with that letter. Once armed with that knowledge, then a child is well on the road to reading and literacy. 

Learning the alphabet should begin early in a child’s life. While some children do not learn their letters until they start school this is not recommended. In fact, children should be well on their way to alphabet mastery before preschool age and should certainly be at least introduced to the letters before the age of 3.




Our creative corner project today was a Alligator Puppet.  We talked about how an alligator looks.
We invited them to fold their plates in half then paint the plate and at the eyelids and eyes to them when finished.  We observed in this project the kids holding scissors independently and the ability to cut in a straight line.




Questions in todays lesson were where would you see a bird sitting?  What do birds eat? and what colors are birds?  The kids answers are so fun to hear.  We invited the kids to decorate however they would like and when done they enjoyed pretending the birds were their pets.




Letter C was a fun project and as you can tell I enjoy posting our Creative Corner projects the most. I gave the children their letter C and made designs on it with glue, they then took colored sand and decorated.   We made a C in the air then discussed the similarities between the curve in the letter and the camel’s hump.



Invitation to Create – Dolphin Collage.  The children enjoyed the colored sand so we brought it to this project.  They concentrated on how the sand poured out.  We focused on a variety of materials and checked to see if they create intentional designs with the materials.  We also do as many of these projects outside that we can.


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Elephant mask – we enjoyed playing with our mask all day.  they would stomp around the room and even blow their horns right into each other.  We also talked about the parts of an elephant’s head, and how big they are.



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  1. Stacy Ransom says:

    What a fun time A-Zoo Animals has already been at your center! Love it when you can do outside activities – great weather there, I’m jealous. #MGTblogger

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stacy thank you for your kind comments! I always appreciate feedback❤️. It is 107 here today!!! Yikes what is the weather like where you are at?


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