Mother Goose Curriculum Is So Easy To Use And The Kids Love It!

I enjoy using Mother Goose Curriculum shortly in part because everything is set out and easy for me.  It takes alot of my prep time away.  It is also flexible enough that I can add to it or take away things that I don’t think fit in for who I have that day. All Mother Goose activities work together to create weekly investigations.

For over a year I have been using  the curriculum and not reading the adaptations in the back.  There is so much information on how you can help the kids to learn to their fullest potential.  This curriculum is easy to use and the kids love it!!!


When we do our journals I give them to the kids and give instructions, then I let them work independantly.  They enjoy this and are so proud of their work when they are done.  I am there if they have a question but they don’t often need any help.

Encouraging children to work through problems independantly!   Children  who are left to work through problems and tasks independantly are then given ownership of their learning.


Our Creative corner projects are a fun way to learn often times they give the kids opportunities to learn about life science, fine motor skills, and visual arts.  I love that the kids get to use their own imagination to decorate and make their project their own.  The adventures and make believe that go along with it are fantastic.


Mother goose has themes each month all of our activities surround that theme!  Super fun..I have kids run up to the door and look at the easel to see what we are doing for the day.


We love Steam Stations we set up our environment for children to test out new ideas through free-play.  Often these activities are their favorite activities that we do that week.  In this station they would pic a letter out of a stack of the alphabet.  Look at it write it on another paper, then scrunch the paper up and throw it in the Alligators mouth.


This is a great time for kids to learn letter/word recognition, self – direction and communication.  Our kids enjoy reading either their I Can Read Books or the books that Mother Goose sends me to read.  We enjoy looking into the box as soon as it comes.

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We love the math concepts that Mother Goose provides.  We have a number or two a month and then games to go with what we are learning. When we work with Table Top Math we learn spatial awareness, fine motor, and logic.



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