April’s Curriculum – Sneak Peak


The first couple weeks we will be learning how to build a beehive, explore hexagons and honeycombs, we will also put together a STEAM station on how to transfer nectar. The kids really love the interactive lessons and can’t wait to see what we do each day.

I appreciate that each week is laid out with a Teachers Guide.  Inside it talks about daily topics and how they work together to create weekly investigations.  Each daily lesson is spelled out for you.  It includes  Community Challenge (social relationships), Creative Corner (visual art, fine motor, and physical science) Small Group Literacy (word recognition, emergent writing, fine motor) and Table Top Math (shapes, number concepts, and self-concept) .  You can add whatever you would like to your lesson or you can make adaptations for children with fine motor challenges.

Below are some examples of how the lessons come.

In this pic it show our Teacher Guide’s, family newsletters, and our daily creative activity cards.



Each picture shows what is sent for that lesson.  Some lessons will come with a book for the kids to take home, or for me to read.   Each lesson and activity you do you are given examples of what the lesson could look like.

One of my favorite things is you are given topics to discuss, Items to make and activities they can play with and learn even when they take them home.

The reason why Mother Goose Curriculum works so well for me is that they understand how the daily experience integrates research-based skills through playful, hands-on projects.



In the pic below we will be taking a look at the lifecycle of the butterfly.



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