It’s All Fun And Games Over Here!

Ending out our month with a lot of fun!  We learned alot about the plants, animals, and the weather in the desert.  The kids really were intrigued with the cactus.  That was probably their favorite plant and the bunny was their favorite animal.


Our I Can Read books are always a hit for any age.  They are easy to read, we love the pictures and the kids love not only the stories but the fact they can take them home.





Here we are making our pokey plant.  We used different colors and talked about what it would feel like to touch a cactus.  How sometimes they would feel soft but still hurt when touched.



Fine Motor activities, and scissor skills.  We love this activity.  They played a couple times.  The kids love that they can take them home and their parents can also play with them.


Sifting for gold,  we weren’t close to water but we made this work.  I love expanding their learning environment.  Learning in different environments are great.   I believe kids that are exposed to more makes them more intelligent.


Showing the kids the concept of how you would pan for gold.  They thought the gold rocks were real.  They were so excited!!!!


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