How many times have you said to your kids, “look at me when I’m talking to you?” Why do you suppose you say this? Maybe you want to know they are hearing and paying attention to what you’re saying. I also like when I’m talking to adults to have contact.  It let’s me know they are engaged in what we are talking about.

Sometimes, preschool-aged kids are shy. They can hide their faces, or try not to look at a person who is speaking to  – whether or not they are the same age. When they’re really young, we expect that of them. But as they grow older, parents find that the importance of eye contact in young children is crucial, and they need to teach it as a social skill.  I have been running an in-home preschool for almost 19 years,  as the years have went on I am noticing kids are making less eye contact with each and adults.

I think this stems from electronics and not interacting with each other as much.  Sometimes it could be because they are not confident or unsure of  something.   This week I have some new tricks up my sleeve to help my kiddos with this.

  • Eye contact games (stare off)
  • Maybe have them look into each others eyes and see what color eyes they have
  • One thing I do with my kids that I believe helps is have them stand at the front of the class.  I say please lets your friends know your name and how old you are, or what color shirt or pants you have on.  They love this because they know the answer.  And it helps them with speaking and making eye contact with the group

Today I learned that children’s brains are no ready for screens.  They are still growing and developing and they aren’t ready to handle it.

Our way out of tv time and screens is focusing on our social skills, and building their knowledge with fun hands on activities by @mothergoosecurriculum


Here we are making our cowboy’s.  I love that each one is different. They were so proud!


Randy is working on his boot design, Boots are shoes made for riding rather than walking. They are designed to easily fit into our stirrups.  Look how focused he is on his project.


#mgtblogger #mothergoosetime

Letter N Books




At first I thought this might be to overwhelming for my kids, but they love working independantly on them.

Letter 13 – Number of the Week


What a fun morning ! I had them step in each tray and tell me how it felt,  they loved this! Would you rather step in something hard or soft? smooth or rough?



Seriously great for any age.  We play in the morning with our preschoolers than sometimes in the afternoon my older kids want to play them!


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