Cook Up Healthy Routines


Routines are everything when it comes to little ones.  We keep a flexible routine in place.  It seems to work for me and my preschoolers.  When they know what we are doing each day and we stay to a general schedule our days are more productive and calm.

I post on my front easel something like this so that when the kids are walking up they can look with their parent.  They get really excited talking about what we are going to learn and their parents enjoy being involved.

This week we are talking about:

Cleaning and Safety

Measuring and Pouring

Chop and Stir

Bake and Cook

Set and Serve

Children enjoy participating in the kitchen.  There are many ways they can learn. They practice a variety of skills such as math, science, fine motor, language  and cooperation.

In this pic below they look super serious.  They were focusing on our heart beat before we played our game, so that they could see after activity that their heart rate (heartbeat) would be faster.


We made a hand wash hanger and talked about why its important to wash our hands and to also wash our fruits and vegetables.  I explained not only could there be dirt on our fruits and vegetables but there could be germs. They loved making these!!!


We practiced our Table Top Math by doing our Germ Designs with geometrical shapes. I sat out the shape design mats and shapes and they matched the shapes on the mat.


Our favorite activity of the week!!

Using fine motor skills to put together our pizza!


Look at how focused they are.

Stirring Colors

Wendy and I were pretending!!  The kids were all busy until they hear her and I stirring up some fun.

Small Group Math


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  1. Stacy Ransom says:

    Thanks for sharing your great activities! #MGTblogger

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    1. Thank you for always taking time to comment 😊


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