Inspire Learning In Preschoolers

Just think of the smiles on your kids’ faces when you read them a great story, or how their eyes light up when you show them tiny plants buds just peeking through the soil.  The great thing about teaching young children is that they have an innate desire to know more about the world.

As a teacher, you can make a big impact on your students’ future love of learning by simply allowing them to learn in a way that’s not only educational but also fun. In my center I offer low rations, large play spaces, and a nurturing environment for children to play, learn and grow in.


Questions we asked the kids:

What did you notice about the migration?

What kind of animals do you see?

How can you use the mosaic tiles to make your picture look like a herd of animals?


African Shakers

What kind of designs do you see on the African instrument? We listened to the amazing music and danced while we shook our shakers.


Storytime at the park with our I Can Read books.


We encourage the children to explore building the letter Cc throughout the day!


Safari Food Web

What Do You See?  All animals need food to eat, such as lions need to eat other animals to survive. We placed the cards on the poster and read the poem aloud.



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