Learning About Cultural Diversity

We are learning about Wild Safari Animals and Life In The Grasslands!

The fact that we are learning about different countries and the way that they live and about their culture. Its great to show kids the similarities and the differences and show them to enjoy that instead of it being bad.  Its so fun to see the kids eyes light up when we talk about our lesson.  They are eager every day to see what we are talking about.   And how we can interact with our lesson to make it real.  In our lessons we have a community challenge, language and literacy, math and reasoning, creative arts, steam stations, story time and music and movement.  Each activity tying into each other. One day we could be talking about the jewelry they make, and the next their living environment.


In this video we were practicing me being the prey,  they had to be very quiet while they snuck up on me and touched my back.  You can hear by the giggles they loved it.  I love how these games really help them to picture what happens in the wild.


Here we are making our African Necklaces.  I explained that the Maasai use different colored beads to represent values and that their jewelry tells about their personal life’s. I also explained their are no two alike, that they may have some of the same colors but not the same designs.

Maasai Huts

Making our hut’s and talking about what our houses look like and how comfortable they are really made the kids think about where the Maasai families where staying.  I explained their huts are small and used only for sleeping,  one of the kids said where do they sleep if not in their huts.  I explained maybe outside.  They just couldn’t believe it.




Using beads to make different patterns are a great way to teach the kids!  They were very focused.  


We use these Link Strips to construct our own huts, with the help of the Design Mat.  These help our kids with their fine motor activities and creative thinking.


We love our letter books, this week we are focusing on letter Cc.

We became a rhinoceros this week and ran around the park making all kinds of sounds what a fun hands on activity.  

The Prey and Predator Matching Number Game

We had a great time!!  I would pull a zebra number card if they had the matching card they would run touch the tree and come back, until everyone had a chance.  Once the kids had all ran I took off saying I was the zebra and they had to catch me. I really like they encouraged each other and then worked together to take me the zebra down. 






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