Babysitter vs. Teacher


When people see me out they will ask “Oh are you the babysitter?”  That offends me sometimes,  only because I believe a babysitter is someone who takes care of your child at night.  Comes over to your house or watches them for just a couple of hours.  I was a babysitter when I was younger and I never did what I do now for my preschoolers.

I work hard  preparing lessons, planning themes of the week, and field trips.  I teach their children listen, follow instructions, how to work together,  I have rules of the classroom, and a structured but flexible environment.

I have the kids most of their waking hours, so I will catch myself observing their behavior and checking to see what I can help with and work on to improve their behavior or what they need help with in the learning environment.

I am professional.  I use my knowledge and continued education to build a business that will help children become their best self.   I am happy and proud that I have worked hard to build this business and like that my parents believe in me and respect me.  Mother Goose Time helps with this.  They give me several ways to communicate with the parents.   Such as a newsletter at the beginning of the month, daily notes that I send home to explain what we have done that day, a teachers manual and all of the supplies for each project.  I will copy the front of the teachers manual and post along with information on what we are covering for the week on my front porch easel so that it keeps the parents in the loop.  Often the kids will run up to the door to see what we are learning about that day!

Mother Goose Curriculum is a great way to provide a curriculum without the stress of putting it together yourself.  You can add to it or use as it comes.  Very flexible!!



I love how new and exciting everything is for kids, and how they light up at adventure.

We take our projects everywhere so that the kids have different types of environments to learn in. They never complain and are always eager.

Making our safari hats and talking about what types of animals we might see. They really get alot out of these conversations.  They will ask questions about what we are learning and it becomes a great learning time.

We made dioramas and the kids loved this!!!!

Number 9 &10

Notice how great that all the kids are doing with their fine motor skills.  All the kids in this group range from 21months to almost 5!

#mgtblogger  #mothergoosetime

Besides our safari walk the project of making animal tracks was their favorite.  They would make a track and then look at the feet after every time.  And of course we all love getting messy! 🙂




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  1. Stacy Ransom says:

    I so agree! It’s such a demanding job, and we’re doing so much more than babysitting. Teaching and caring. #MGTblogger


    1. Thank you !!! It’s non stop!! I love it though ❤️


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