Finishing up with Sights and Sounds!!! And a sneak peak into our Safari Theme.

This past month has went by fast!!  We have learned how to identify and manage our feelings, build positive relationships, practicing good hygiene and demonstrate safe practices.  These are a few of the many goals we set to achieve in the month of December.

We talked alot about feelings its a subject that the kids really opened up about. We noticed and what I have learned is before we can learn how to control feelings, we first have to notice them. You can help your children notice feelings by noticing them yourself and giving them labels: happy, sad, excited, frustrated, angry, embarrassed, surprised, etc

We also need to create a place where we can talk with them age appropriate about every day feelings, and maybe even talk about feelings that may be difficult.  Kids often don’t know how to express how they are feeling probably because they don’t understand it. So if we give them a space where they are confident, and excepted they will probably open up to us.






Grab your bags and get ready to take an adventure through the African Grasslands.

This months featured concepts.

Letter: Cc, SS, Rr                                     Numbers: 9 & 10

Shape: Oval                                             Color: Orange


Ton’s of make and take activities and many opportunities to learn. I learn right along with them!


#mothergoosetime  #mgtblogger




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