Keeping Creativity In The Classroom

Teaching children comes with a lot of pressure, the pressure of keeping up with other preschools, having the right kind of curriculum, talking with the parents. Making sure everyone is engaged and learning.  I love the fact that I do something that is going to effect a child in a positive way for the rest of their life.  One thing I take pride in is creating a classroom that the kids can be free to explore and to also be creative in.

Its really important to me to make time for creativity in my classroom, along  with time to explore. Having this type of environment or kids of all ages really make a difference in the kids lives and how they learn. When kids are given hands on activities they tend to retain it easier because they are engaged.   The fact that Mother Goose Curriculum gives you all types of option for activities along with STEM activities is amazing.

What works best for me is rotating centers where one day I might take a group of boys at the table and have the girls in a center, and toddlers in another activity.  The next day could be different.  We stay on schedule but the kids always are excited to see what we are learning that day.  They will say with excitement.  What are we doing today

Learning about icicles is great I would love for it to snow here in the winter, no chance of that happening its 65 in the middle of winter. 

Learning the sound that birds make was messy and fun.  It really sounds exactly like a bird. We had alot of fun definitely needed a towel and possibly a change of clothes but they enjoyed it.  We even went outside to see if any birds responded.

They loved this experiment. One string was dry and I put it in the box of ice,  the kids noticed the ice did not stick.  I then put a wet string in the box and the ice stuck.  They were hyper focused and loved it!

Making bells for the letter B.  We have been learning the song Jingle Bells so they were able to use these.  Favorite activity of the week.  They love to sing, do music and move.

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Practicing writing our names, they love these name papers.  We hide them and then they have to find their own name.


Birds have some of the same needs! I guess until now I never thought about that.   We talked about how birds have to have a home, eat, drink and have a heart.  I also told them we also have some of those needs.  It really made them think,  I love to see the wheels turn in their head. 

Letter B Books

Number 7 & 8

With many of these activities I change the medium they use.  Crayons, Markers, Paint, etc. 


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  1. Stacy Ransom says:

    Thanks for sharing your activities! #MGTblogger


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