Using Sounds To Express Emotions

This week we have been learning how to use sounds to express emotions and communicating through music.  Have you watched a child or anybody really,  when they are playing music, listening or dancing they will always have a smile on their face.  In my preschool we do music several times a day!!


We learned that drums create sound when we pound on them.  And of course we love to make sound over here.  We took turns by letting each other lead. We also  made our own pellet drum drums and played some music together.   

Warning!!! Video alert alot of videos ahead!

This video was at the end of the franticly moving pellet drum session after they pounded them wildly however they would like,  we transitioned into a directional type of exercise before bells. 

Woodwinds and the long breath challenge was great we did the activities from the teachers guide for that day more than once.  We made our color flutes and practiced fluctuating our voice up and down.  We also had Audrey one of my older kiddos that I have had for a long time come and play for us. 

On this same day we did blow art, I talked about how much breath it takes to play these woodwinds and we practiced with our straws.  After they finished a couple of them commented that they thought that doing an instrument would be hard.

When we practiced our small group math we rolled a dice to see how many strings (rubber bands) we would pull.  The kids loved this because they could feel the vibration and hear the sound they would make.  They liked it so much they waited patiently which is hard for 2,3, and 4 year olds to do. 


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  1. Stacy Ransom says:

    Thanks for sharing all your Mother Goose Time fun! How neat that your group got to see and hear a real flute! #MGTblogger


  2. And they absolutely loved it !


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