Experiment with things that go!

This month we learned all about TRANSPORTATION.  We learned about transportation on land, by air and water, and public transportation.  When learning our lessons this week we found out how to build a car, moving and counting, Letter U, the color Yellow, Letter D, and so much more.

Kids are so fascinated about cars, trucks, trains, planes and so much more so it has been fun learning about all of them this month.

We learned about safety rules, and also how the daily experiences integrate skills through play.  With our hands on projects we have the opportunity to take learning to the next level.

With so many learning subjects, Community Challenge, Language/Literacy, Math and Reasoning, Creative Arts, Steam Stations, Story time, and Music and Movement.  How can our kids not learn?


They loved this game we played several different ways, the amount of kids in the canoe by the number shown, or color of clothes to separate, I love how flexible Mother Goose is.



I love the fact that the children are given all the same items how different they decorate their papers.  Individuality at its best.  I love how abstract they are.

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MGT Ambassador pic