Try to guide a child not crush their spirit. We all are guilty of it.

Imagine you’re at the park and your little one starts freaking out, you look around and have other parents and or providers staring at you.  Your not responsible fully for how this child acts but you have a strong influence.  How do I correct him in a positive way and get him to cooperate with me?  I am not their parent but have them most of their waking hours.  So what I do next will be judged and watched probably even more so than if I were the parent.    Yet here you are, in the middle of this public place with a misbehaving child debating whether to yell,  bribe or threaten so that you look like a person who “has control” over her kids.  All the while looking nice and caring.

What works best for me is to say what I mean and mean what I say calmly and to stay consistent even when out and about. I practice transitional times anytime we have change to gain control in a positive way,  for example ”  Okay everyone put your hand on your head, now put your hands on your chin”.  The kids think they are playing a game and it gets them to cooperate.    Some of the kids will just watch me and learn that way by watching another child.  Others will have to learn by their own experiences.  We are all guilty of yelling or being to stern, or maybe not  being as patient when we are having a bad day.  My hope is that I have way less of those type of days. But being realistic that we are all human.

I like to reward good behavior, and be uplifting to the kids.  Their eyes shine when they receive praise.  I once heard that your child/children will become who you say they will.

My little ones often with no prompting say ” Miss Trish, I love you ”  they do this with no prompting.  (my favorite thing)!


Imagine what you want your kids to become and become that!



I just recently became a brand ambassador for @kwikstix paint, this is a paint I have used for a while.  The kids absolutely would use them for any type of project we are doing.  They are really easy to use for all ages.  Some of the reasons I use them:  Easy to use, very colorful the color does not fade, they come is several colors and you can use literally on all kinds of mediums, canvas, pumpkins, paper etc.

You should consider trying them at least one time you will be hooked.  I would be interested in seeing what you think after you try them out 🙂

If you purchase use my code TRISH10 for a 10% discount!!



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