Your classroom can be anywhere – and Mother Goose Curriculum can go with you!

I love the flexibility that Mother Goose Curriculum gives me I can pack it up and take to the park,  put the activity on a tray and take it out back, or set up centers in our classroom.  It also gives you options on how to set up the activity based on level of learning,  literally there is not a lot you have to do to set it up.  You also don’t have to go right by the book you can tweak it for your program.


We are coming up on Halloween so each day I choose a Halloween art to send home – kids are loving it!

We loved the Cherry Blossom trees,  well let me rephrase that they loved eating the blossoms (popcorn).

When we started the orange project I sat everything out and said, “Ok kids you can go ahead and start “,  they all looked at me puzzled.  I suggested how about we use the orange peel,  they were so excited and as you can see they loved it!!!!

I love the games and the matching that Mother Goose Curriculum gives us.   The kids are very proud of themselves when they successfully complete their projects.


Little Jack Horner 




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