Technology VS No Technology How is affects your preschooler. (My Opinion)

I have operated my business for 18 years and believe technology can be an amazing asset,  but I also believe it can hinder your child.  Obviously kids need to be able to be fluent when using tech in this day and age.  I just believe there has to be more of a balance.  I am not sure if its connected but in the past several (5 or so) years  kids are coming to me at 3 with no verbal skills.  That could be that they are a slow learners, have older kids at home that talk for them, a special need, or maybe an excess of screen time.  Not sure. Just an observation.  I have also witnessed in several occasions that they have a hard time connecting with others. Possible a direct effect of not having to verbally talk with someone.  

Some things to think about negatively:  Is your child being exposed to excessive violence  which could desensitized them,  possibly being exposed to cyber bullying, and a loss of being able to connect with people on a personal level. Sometimes I have observed that kids are having a harder time looking eye to eye with others as well.

But I do believe in the right environment and with the right supervision and monitoring, kids can benefit greatly from interaction with technology. While children’s enjoyment of popular apps and games is frequently viewed as a frivolous leisure activity, just as interactive play is a helpful cognitive tool for kids that promotes creativity, imagination and teamwork, so too can it also be a vital educational resource. Today, more children aged two to five can run applications and video games than ride a bike or tie their shoelaces – a fact which may frighten parents and educators. But it bears remembering that not only do many software options actively teach math, science, social studies and other useful topics. Even those which place entertainment first can be helpful educational aids when utilized correctly.

I believe that there are really positive things that are very beneficial in regards to technology having the ability to connect with family or friends that don’t live close, there are several learning sites,  and also books that are easy to access.  I guess with anything in life finding BALANCE is a must! 

Here is Paul creating tree rings!!  We are talking about the Orchard Harvest, the trees, what lives in them and the age of the tree.  With Kwik Stix  paint Paul  is drawing a ring.  I love this paint and have been using it for several of our Mother Goose Curriculum projects, it makes it so easy for the kids. One of the things I like best is that the color stays vibrant and dries in 90 seconds.  It is a must have for crafts and preschool projects.

If you choose to try these out put in my code TRISH10 and you can get 10% off your order. If you try this paint reach out to me and let me know what you think, you will never want to purchase another paint once you try them!!

@kwikStixPaint @The Pencil Grip Inc.

Aubrey feels so big when she is writing in her journal and really does well at coloring.


Letter E Books!

The kids are doing amazing with their preschool progress.  I am so proud most know all numbers by sight and the alphabet by sight and sounds.


We practice writing our name everyday they love finding success in doing things by themself.

The next few pictures are probably some of my favorite!!! The kids were at the park and loved these books so much they stopped playing and enjoyed a few minutes looking through our books!!  Mother Goose really does create the easiest and most fun way to learn!!  Thank you for allowing me to blog.  Trish Oscarson





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