Why I chose to teach – a little about my life!



Eighteen years ago I chose to make a difference in my life and my kids.  I worked for a bit while my family would watch my kids.  They loved my kids, but I was torn up every time I left them.  I thought what could I do that I would enjoy and be able to stay at home with them.  I decided to open up a daycare/preschool.  I took several classes of child development and tons of hours of training.  Not because I had to but because I wanted to.  At first it was rocky but with a couple of bumps and bruises along the way I improved what I taught the kids and built my business to be very successful.  Of course this does not happen overnight.  It took a lot of time and commitment.

It was not easy operating a business out of my home at first, especially with having small kids of my own, and no down time.  But well worth it for my kids, their wellbeing and my peace of mind.

My kids did pretty good most of the time, what I found that helped was finding kids in their age group that they could bond with .  Several of the kids that started with me are now adults and have since called and told me what an impact I had on their life.  That is such a blessing to be able to impact a child’s life positively.

One thing I have found that helps is finding people who have things in common with you and your program and scheduling times where the kids can all get together.  I have a couple of ladies that I get together with and I really enjoy time we have together.  Our kids look forward to events that we all do together.

I believe children become who we expect them to be, so be kind, love them like your own, give them great experiences, and teach them to learn through play.  Children learn and thrive in a fun environment.  I can change the future one child at a time.



Teaching the kids to be kind and help other is an amazing way to change the way our future is going.


Mother Goose Manipulatives


Teaching the kids different ways to communicate,  they loved this and walked around the back yard talking to people on their phones.



Letter T Books

Making our puzzles with bingo daubers are a hit!!

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