Teaching kids math, and numbers creates confidence when given the right tools to succeed.

By what my kids are doing here at preschool you might think !  Wow she spends hours working on getting her curriculum together, and how do I choose what I do everyday.  Well I do spend time on getting my week together but Mother Goose does the research and hard work putting together my daily packets.  What an amazing program,  I have a team of people working for me to research what is developmentally appropriate for the ages of kids I have.  Each day there is an opportunity to do math either by an excersize or game.

I believe kids learn better hands on and the manipulatives that comes with Mother Goose are amazing!  My preschoolers like the games and the opportunity to work independent and find success.   My children and the ones I teach seem to love it!  I think it’s because they games are made for their age,  Everytime  we play they are all involved and learn so much!



Pulled right from the Mother Goose Site:

Mathematics and reasoning skills include a child’s ability to count, understand number sense, manipulate objects, create patterns, sort, compare and measure.

Research on children’s learning in the first six years of life validates the importance of early experiences in mathematics for lasting positive outcomes (Bowman, Donovan & Burns, 2001). Through Mother Goose Time curriculum, children develop the ability to reason mathematically and become increasingly sophisticated in the ability to recognize and analyze the mathematics inherent in the world around them (Baroody, Bajwa & Eiland, 2009). Children’s early mathematical experiences play a significant role in the development of their understanding of mathematics and serve as a foundation for their cognitive development (Tudge & Doucet, 2004). 


Some of the things we learn in our program over a month. Of course thru a game, sorting or other activities.

They don’t even realize they are learning!  Constantly smiling and completely enthralled in what we are doing!  We were all laughing, this lesson they got the biggest kick that the feathers were their hair!



 Number Concepts

Identifies numerals
 Counts to determine quantity
 Understands operations


 Identifies shapes
 Manipulates parts and wholes

 Spatial Awareness

 Flips and rotates objects
 Determines object location

 Patterns and Sorting




 Solves problems

Kennedy was so proud of her coloring !  


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