Im trying to find a balance in my preschool. Worksheet vs No Worksheet!

Sometimes I get so conflicted.  To worksheet or not to worksheet that is the question.  there are studies everywhere trying to convince you one way or another.  I have been asked by parents when not handing out some type of worksheet, oh did they do anything today.  Well of course they did we learned many things and were busy all day.

I am a person that also likes using worksheets but balances it out with several hand on learning experiences  we need to have enough active learning experiences which I feel I provide. We all have our own learning styles and therefore it makes sense to use  multi-sensory techniques for teaching.

I do also really enjoy teaching Stem related activities. In reality, preschoolers spontaneously engage in STEM activities indoors and out on a regular basis. With a little guidance from us, we can enhance children’s opportunities to engage in STEM learning and develop their thinking skills.

Some activities that are STEM related are taking a nature walk, playing in the water, cook together and so much more there are so many ideas online.

In closing, I enjoy teaching with Mother Goose Curriculum it helps me keep balance,  they have a newsletter that I send out each month that shares what we are doing for the month.  They also have cards for each daily activity that goes home with the project to explain what we worked on.  The parents enjoy getting these!!



This activity was great they had the chance to work on their fine motor skills and numbers at the same time!img_0280-1



Hunter really enjoys working independently, he is able to stay focused no matter how chaotic it is around him!


The Crab and His Mother


The Milkmaid and Her Pail

The Crow and the Pitcher

MGT Ambassador pic


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