Teaching Children About Different Holidays and Cultures


Introducing your children to the holidays, special days, and traditions of others is a fun way to help them expand their view of the world and to understand that differences are what makes the world such an exciting and amazing place. Children who have an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of other cultures are more likely to grow up to be adults who are more well-rounded, compassionate people who have a positive impact on those around them.

I will talk to some of my preschool parents, friend, or look up on the web different ways people celebrate and try to incorporate that into my lesson.  Sometimes my parents will bring a food item and we will serve for snack.

I would like to take a different Holiday each year I would also like to have my kids pen pal with others around the globe.  Where we can send items from here and they can send items that the kids can see from their country. ( So if you are interested please message me).



I love the pre-made Holiday crafts that Mother Goose sends, and the games are great.



Celebrating the 4th with popsicles friends and swimming!








MGT Ambassador pic



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