If you really want to know what your kids do at preschool ask them some of these questions..


What was your favorite thing you did today? or your least favorite?

Children (and adults) enjoy reliving their favorite parts of each and every day. You can also prompt your child to share their least favorite part of the day.

What rules are different at school than at home?

This is a good way to get kids to compare and contrast, kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for.

Can you show me something that you did today?

Sometimes at the end of the day you don’t get alot of info from your kids maybe just a “It was good”,  but if you have them show you they will probably give you more information


I remember when I picked my kids up from school I would always ask them what fun things they did that day.  They would spill out information positive and negative about their day.  The other moms could never figure out why I  would know all this information going on and how did I get my kids to tell me so much.    I really believe it was because I got them in a habit of sharing information from when they were really little in the car right after school.  Because they could not leave the car they were contained,  by the time kids get home they get distracted and want to play.

Learning about your child’s school day should be fun and exciting.

More creative way’s to ask your kids about their day.

  1. What was the best thing that happened at school today?
  2. Did anything happen today that made you laugh?
  3. Tell me one thing that you learned today.
  4. What challenged you today?
  5. What was the most interesting thing your teacher said today?
  6. Who did you play with today? What did you play?
  7. What did you eat for lunch today?
  8. What is one thing you did today that was helpful?
  9. When did you feel most proud of yourself today?
  10. What are you looking forward to tomorrow

I found these questions above on a news site and liked them -ABC Radio Canberra


With Mother Goose Curriculum the kids learn in themes.   Themes help preschoolers construct knowledge and build connections through real experiences. Instead of having a day of disjointed activities, themes organize new information around a unified context, which results in a growing web of knowledge.

One thing I am really enjoying is that not only are the preschoolers learning some of my older kids that are home for the summer are enjoying the curriculum as well.  They can’t wait for me to explain what is happening on that day.


Here we were learning about houses and what types of houses people live in, they were painting their house.


Building their houses are serious business, they were almost silent here.  They choose what door they wanted based on the animal that was standing in front of it. The picture below is where they are in a mixed age group.  Kayden is going into first and Randy is 3.  The fact that this curriculum can allow all ages to learn together is amazing.  Kayden told me what kind of house he was building and why, he explained an entire story. I loved that the little ones were at the table at the same time to hear this.






MGT Ambassador pic

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